Ada Bindings


SOCI-Ada is a database access library for Ada.

The library itself is a wrapper for the selected functionality of the SOCI library, which is a C++ database access library recognized for its high quality and innovative interface.

The SOCI-Ada library offers the following features to the Ada community:

Currently the following database servers are directly supported via their native interfaces:

Other backends exist in the SOCI Git repository and can be provided with future version of the library.


In order to use SOCI-Ada, compile the C++ parts first (core and required backends).

Note: SOCI header files are not needed to use SOCI-Ada, only compiled SOCI libraries (core and relevant backend) need to exist to build and use SOCI-Ada programs.

The SOCI-Ada library itself is a single package named SOCI. This package can be just imported in the target project as is or pre-built to the binary form if required.

In order to link the user programs the -lsoci_core -lstdc++ linker options need to be provided on the Unix/Linux platforms.