DB2 Backend Reference

SOCI backend for accessing IBM DB2 database.


Supported Versions

See Tested Platforms.

Tested Platforms

DB2 OS Compiler
- Linux PPC64 GCC
9.1 Linux GCC
9.5 Linux GCC
9.7 Linux GCC
10.1 Linux GCC
10.1 Windows 8 Visual Studio 2012

Required Client Libraries

The SOCI DB2 backend requires client library from the IBM Data Server Driver Package (DS Driver).

Connecting to the Database

On Unix, before using the DB2 backend please make sure, that you have sourced DB2 profile into your environment:

. ~/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile

To establish a connection to the DB2 database, create a session object using the DB2 backend factory together with the database file name:

soci::session sql(soci::db2, "your DB2 connection string here");

SOCI Feature Support

Dynamic Binding


Bulk Operations

Supported, but with caution as it hasn't been extensively tested.


Currently, not supported.

BLOB Data Type

Currently, not supported.

Nested Statements

Nesting statements are not processed by SOCI in any special way and they work as implemented by the DB2 database.

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are supported, with CALL statement.

Native API Access


Backend-specific extensions


Configuration options

This backend supports db2_option_driver_complete option which can be passed to it via connection_parameters class. The value of this option is passed to SQLDriverConnect() function as "driver completion" parameter and so must be one of SQL_DRIVER_XXX values, in the string form. The default value of this option is SQL_DRIVER_PROMPT meaning that the driver will query the user for the user name and/or the password if they are not stored together with the connection. If this is undesirable for some reason, you can use SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT value for this option to suppress showing the message box:

connection_parameters parameters("db2", "DSN=sample");
parameters.set_option(db2_option_driver_complete, "0" /* SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT */);
session sql(parameters);

Note, db2_option_driver_complete controls driver completion specific to the IBM DB2 driver for ODBC and CLI.